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And I’m done.

So I thought I could keep this up but lines are getting blurred and people are getting offended and that just isn’t my style so I have decided it is time to stop with the blog.

It was fun and I got some great laughs out of this but every good thing must come to an end – sometimes faster than you expected but that is how life works.

Thanks for reading and I’ll write again when I’m single again ūüėČ

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7 Gratitudes (because I keep forgetting)

Things I am grateful for…

1. My personal vehicle so I do not have to rely on public transit

2. Rolos

3. My family – including Laura (my soon to be SIL – right Aaron?)

4. My reds – Sherry wants to us over for Christmas cocktails (she’ll probably try and get us in the hot tub so be ready)

5. Red Wine

6. Commissions – YAY, I love being in sales

7. My Jeffray (said like Zoila from Flipping Out) and the fact that he already seems to know my moods and the perfect thing to say for each and every mood.

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How to shake a bad mood?

I’m pretty sure I have been in a bad mood since Monday and I apologize to each and every one of you that has had to deal with me throughout the course of the last 5 days. I keep hoping that I will wake up on the right side of the bed but I never do. So my apologies to all and my apologies for not writing a blog post due to this mood.

Tuesday I woke up to a text from Jeffray “I miss you.” What a Nancy – but it made me smile. I don’t think I’ve ever had a guy miss me while I was away on a business trip – makes me feel grown-up! I was hoping to get to see him upon my arrival back to town on Tuesday night but Amtrak had other plans in store.

Anna and I arrived at the train station with Jimmy Johns – YUM. We took a seat outside and began cringing at the site of all the school children who were apparently getting ready to ride the train with us. I wasn’t too worried and I was pretty excited in fact because we had business class or first class tickets for the way home. I figured since the train was so nice on the way up that this trip home would be pure luxury. I was wrong. You see our train lost power on its wy to pick us up and we were told we would need to ride a bus home. My coworker was promised that it would be a nice bus and that it would be to the station by 5:00 to get us home on time. At 6:15 the bus rolled up. It in fact was not nice but disgusting. As I boarded the bus I made my way to one of the only seats available for two people and placed myself and Anna right near the bathroom… you know for that supposed 3 hour ride back to Charlotte. We arrived at the Charlotte station 5 hours later after getting lost, smelling awful smells from the toilet, etc. etc. Tuesday night was pretty much my worst nightmare.

But I was excited for Wednesday because we were having game night at our house and I was finally going to see Jeffray. Game night was, as I assumed it would be, entertaining (especially after the alcohol took hold of our systems)¬† – it was filled with inappropriate and immature remarks – mostly on my end – and couples. We had Jeffray and I, Lauren and J, Canaan and Heather and Mandy and Lindsay – oh and Brandon came even though he didn’t have a lady. I snuck away after cleaning up and put myself to bed – still tired from the train. At this point and seeing that I was gone Brandon took it upon himself to tell Jeffray that I was upstairs “doing my business.” I was on the edge of sleep when I heard Jeffray upstairs calling my name but he never knocked on my door – maybe 20 minutes later I heard my door opening and it was Jeffray coming to say good night and to tell me that Brandon was making these comments. Jeffray said he was unsure if that was what I was doing so he didn’t come in my room. Well Jeffray, I don’t have a bathroom in my room and I’m not gross so for future reference that probably isn’t what I am doing if my door is closed but thanks for trying to be polite. Also, thank you to Brandon and Heather for pushing in my bedroom door and running off – mature, real mature you two.

Yesterday I had a long convo with Brandon which led to him stating that he can no longer be friends with Lindsay to which I told Lindsay in hopes that she could save their friendship. She called Brandon out on that comment and now Brandon doesn’t trust me and no longer wants to be my friend (probably a ploy to get off of our kickball team for the Spring – I’m onto you). Brandon, I would like to be your friend again and I’m sorry I tried to right the wrong that led to you and Lindsay not being friends. Lindsay, you know I’ve got your back so should you decide that we should in fact not be friends with Brandon just give me a head’s up and I will retract that statement. Yesterday does not include any details about Jeffray because I did¬† not see him and barely talked to him – at about 8pm I had myself convinced he was trapped in a mine or lost in the woods and that was why I wasn’t hearing from him – turns out he was asleep.

Jeffray has invited me to come to his place tonight so he can cook me dinner -very cute. I am bringing the beer – I’m such a good girlfriend. And no, I will not be bringing PBR – sorry.

Tomorrow we have our kickball tournament – kinda a sad day. I’ve really enjoyed our team and we’ve had so much fun together plus I got a boyfriend from it. Plus Lauren is on her way to one (Jeffray – Lauren’s boy even offered to rake our leaves. Cough cough.) Don’t worry about Lindsay – for those who know the three of us you know we travel in a pact and do everything the same. Lindsay always has some guy with his eye on her (two at the moment) and I’m sure she’ll be getting some ass numbers¬† this weekend at the after party for kickball.

I promise once I shake this mood I will write more and it will actually be entertaining. 3.5 hours left to the work day – praise JESUS!

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Facebook makes it official.

First I must start off with an apology. I am VERY sarcastic – for those that know me you all have been super supportive of my interest in “Vick” and are very pumped to see what updates I have every day but I also understand that some people who read this blog don’t actually know me and read this and might think I am coming off as an awful person who doesn’t really like “Vick.” You are incorrect and for those who see us day to day – they see how I feel. I’ve only known “Vick” since early September but I can tell he is an amazing guy – he has been nothing but funny, kind, sweet, and supportive of me and my friends since the day we met. Even if we didn’t end up liking each other I know we would have become very good friends – we’ve just clicked. I adore “Vick” – I am never gushy about guys (my friends can testify to that) but I am with him. I talk about him probably more than I should. I cannot wait to meet all of his friends and my friends (all one billion that have texted, Facebooked, called and e-mailed me within the last 24 hours) cannot wait to meet him and I cannot wait to introduce them. Our kickball friend, Brandon, puts it best (in my opinion) by saying “they are the same damn person.” I may not be “the one” for him but he makes me very happy and enjoy the time we get to spend together – I apologize if my words ever come off wrong – I guarantee it is just an awful attempt on my part to be funny.

So “Vick” is Jeffray, my boyfriend. How did it all go down you ask? Well he asked on Friday – remember? He then asked for a re-do so while I accepted it didn’t really count since he immediately asked for a re-do. On Sunday, after hanging out both Friday and Saturday I decided to tighten my belt and ask this boy what we were, being the consistent smartass I sent him a text-¬† “So I’m trying to be in a Facebook relationship by yearend, so what are we?” Within minutes I had a request to be his Facebook girlfriend and with my reply we had locked ourselves into round two of Watch Me Date and I’ve closed my eHarm account. I’ve added a new page to my blog introducing you to my boo.

I’ve promised him this blog won’t go too deep into our relationship but will be a fun look at our path of getting to know each other or as I prefer my path to the ring – kidding, kidding.

Things have moved pretty quickly so far so I am ready to take some time to get to know each other. Jeffray has told me there are a few people in his life that I need to gain the seal of approval from and this is true for me as well. He has already received the “go-ahead” from my roomies and probably the two hardest people to tap. That is pretty much how I knew this might be more than a friendship. They adore him in fact – and they normally dislike every guy I bring home. Lindsay called it after our first practice too – “You need to go for Jeff, he is totally your type.” But now comes multiple parents – mine, roommate’s, and the Taylor’s. My big brothers, sis in law and Laura. My wild nephew. Then on to Ash, Ed, Heather and B. My main squeeze Brandon – don’t worry boo, this won’t mess up what we have. Lucky for Jeffray the majority of my family is coming for Christmas – I’m pretty sure I should stop at this point before I scare him off.

So get excited for all the good, bad and ugly (well maybe not bad and ugly since I promised him I wouldn’t share that) stories of our journey from friendship to courting to a couple. Brandon, start the pool…

PS… be on the lookout for the return of my other blog.

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Who does that? No one that I’ve ever date.

Lindsay rushed home early to be able to take a picture of us before the big night. “Vick” was running late so she ended up waiting on him – way to make two ladies wait. I then saw his truck fly by our house. He rushed in posed for a pic and off we went. As soon as we stepped outside I spoke to him about driving fast through my neighborhood – we have childrens around here.I climbed into the truck and he had left roses in my seat for me – well I assumed it was for me since I was the only other person riding in the truck last night. Sweet boy.

He immediately started multi-tasking (texting, GPS-ing, entertaining) – I voiced my concern and took over the GPSing.¬† I could tell he was irritated about running late so I sat in silence. Being late makes me EXTREMELY nervous – I have anxiety. After a few moments he began asking what was wrong with me – so I told him. I then told him how I get quiet when I get angry and that I am very passive and that I also worry a lot – really making myself out to be a “catch.”

We arrived at the baseball stadium – yes, the dinner was at the Winston-Salem minor league baseball stadium – pretty cool. We pulled up and I told him he should probably put his tie on – he wasn’t so sure. We walked inside the tent – on the field- so cool- and I immediately noticed we were over dressed. Next year “Vick” can wear his jeans, cowboy boots (oh wait he already was), belt buckle (oh wait he wanted to), dress shirt and a cowboy hat – I just won’t be his date. Sorry, I’m not much into the cowboy look.

First thing we did (literally) was to grab beers. He then introduced me to a few co-workers and their spouses – there were a lot of people to meet. And I’ll be damned if nobody asked who I was. And I was so ready with a response: “So Vick, is this your girlfriend?” – “Yeah, Vick who am I?” Mainly just to be a pain in the ass – but no one asked. One of his co-workers’ wife was super nice. She said she was glad another young person was there for her and that I was her only “competition” – I may be no dime – but she was no competition of mine – I feel pretty confident in saying that. Although when I mentioned it to Vick later in the night he said “I mean I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.” Classy Vick – speak to your mother with that mouth?

The evening was a dinner and an auction. We walked around to look at the auction items and Vick kept stating I needed to pick out my Christmas present. I wanted that coffee picnic set – I mentioned it multiple times – thanks for not bidding on it. They ran out of bottles of beer at one point and we began to drink from tall boys – my kind of work function. The auctioneers were very entertaining and the porta johns were the nicest looking potties I’ve ever used. I started to freeze at one point – I mean we were in a tent on a baseball field – so cool – Vick kept asking if I wanted to cuddle – I believe he was making a joke – I’m not one for PDA. He eventually went and got my coat for me – so sweet. Upon his return to the table I requested a beer to which he said I could have told him that when he went to get my coat – my b. I was so proud of him – everyone seemed to like him (even though one of his bosses made him awkward as ish every time he walked up), he had (from what I could tell) a lot of “dollars” to bid with – for him only being there for such a short time, and he didn’t ignore me and leave me to take care of myself all night – he even won an iPod Touch and a $100 Target gift card – I wonder which will be my Christmas present. As we were leaving he started talking to an older woman I did not recognize so I introduced myself – instead of playing along he blasted me in front of her “um Maggy, you already met her.” Way to let me look dumb.

We left the stadium and he had to potty so I suggested we stop at a local gas station before starting on the adventure home. He parked and then asked me out – again, outside a gas station – romantic. He went to use the lou but it was out of order. He then also stated he shouldn’t have asked me out outside a gas station and asked for a re-do. So I’m waiting on something super romantic – maybe a picnic in a park or a candlelit dinner – maybe a trip to Paris (just throwing that out there). So we will see.

On the ride home I was convinced we were going north, thus heading the wrong way – he was convinced we were headed south. He was correct. Probably not the last time he will prove me wrong.

I had a really good time being his arm candy for the night and an even better time when I convinced him to come to my house this morning to take some furniture to Goodwill.

I need to work on keeping myself in check though because I tend to freak out when I know people do truly like me and I push them away. I don’t like to be very serious so getting serious with someone TERRIFIES me. I’m going to do my best to keep my crazy in check. Plus my male roommate pointed out to me that a dozen roses are expensive and since no other guy has ever given me flowers like that I guess he is one I could keep around for a while.

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Imagine my surprise

When yesterday I opened the publication I work for and WHAM there is one of my eHarm matches. I guess we wrote a story about him. I died and then ran around and showed everyone. Cute guy – just a little too liberal for me.

This week has been a slow one on eHarm again –¬† I received three matches in the last three days and none had photos. Speaking of matches – one of my roommates (the traitor) is going on a date with the attorney this weekend – yes my attorney – the one I got drunk on the date with and then we texted and then nothing. STAB ME IN THE HEART – why don’t you just take my Vickster?!?! This will be pretty cool though – he doesn’t know we know each other let alone live together. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of him. Don’t worry I will keep y’all in the loop.

Tonight is the big work event with “Vick” – I took today off so I could be nice and refreshed and ready to charm the heck out of some people. Really I need to burn up some vacation days by December 31st so here I am. I got a lot done today and it kept my mind off of being nervous about tonight.

Yesterday I had three people tell me that they think he is “the one” – don’t worry¬† already shared this with him so I don’t look too psycho and actually that doesn’t reflect on me because I didn’t say it and you can’t shoot the messenger. I think it is clear where I stand right now – I’m having fun!

I’ll report back tomorrow on the big night – mainly for Brandon. You are welcome and now I expect to see your beautiful face tomorrow night.

I forgot a gratitude and a post yesterday so here are my two:

1. I am grateful for nice workers who come install cable at your house. There is nothing worse than being stuck home alone with creepy people doing work at your home. Blair and I became BFFs today. By the time Lindsay came home I was able to comfortably introduce the two of them – I hope I bump into him at the grocery store one day.

2. I am grateful for days off.


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